Pro Instruction

Billy Ball Professional Instruction is headed by Baseball City's own Bill Masse; former Olympic Gold Medalist, former player in the New York Yankees organization for 7 years, former manager and coach with various Major League organizations for 13 years, and now entering his 8th season as a Major League Scout for the Seattle Mariners. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Baseball City as the Head Instructor.  He enters his 29th year in professional baseball, including 8 as a player, 13 as a manager & hitting coach, and 8 as a Major League Scout and Supervisor. Bill is all about player development and he will bring out the best in each one of our players through his Billy Ball Curriculum;  a step-by-step process for all ages and abilities. To support Bill and his crusade of improving the skill levels of all players in the Connecticut and New England area, Bill has assembled a teaching staff like no other in this area. He has carefully selected a teaching staff of present and former high school coaches, collegiate players and coaches, and professional players and coaches. Billy Ball instructors are trained and adhere to the Billy Ball Curriculum with consistency and passion. Billy Ball Professional Instruction offers basic, intermediate and advanced teaching in the areas of pitching, hitting, fielding, defense, base running, catching and specific position play for all ages. The baseball/softball skills, friendships, sportsmanship and teamwork you will learn from being with and around Bill and the Baseball City staff will last you a lifetime.


This is my 29th year in professional baseball; 8 as a player, 4 as a hitting coach, 9 as a manager, and now entering my 8th year as a major league scout. A reoccurring question I always get from parents is if professional instruction will help their kid hit a baseball, throw a baseball or field a baseball better? My answer - of course it will!! I have been around the greatest players in the game for extended periods of time - Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, etc. - and they need instruction almost on a daily basis!! These great players are constantly working with a hitting coach, fielding coach, pitching coach and manager to make themselves better.

Baseball is a skill sport. Repetition is the only way to get better. If your son or daughter is swinging the wrong way, throwing the wrong way, or fielding the wrong way for an extended period of time it is very difficult to break these poor habits. What age should I start professional lessons? - as soon as possible!! Learning how to do these baseball skills properly at an early age will allow your son or daughter only to merely "tweak" these skills when they get older, rather than having to have a complete makeover later on.

Professional baseball instruction is what I do for a living. Everyday I am working with aspiring major league players in the minor leagues - refining their skills, getting them in the correct positions to be successful. My staff at Baseball City is constantly teaching every individual player who walks through our door the "correct" way to be a successful baseball or softball player. My knowledge has been passed on to every instructor at Baseball City. Our goal at Baseball City is to have every player get better - period!! The only way to do this is to have professional instruction - giving your son or daughter the best possible chance to be successful by learning how to do these skills correctly.

If Derek Jeter needs daily instruction - I'm sure your son or daughter will also benefit from our professional instruction at Baseball City.

Hit 'Em Far!

Bill Masse